As the summer approaches, theft is on the rise, which is why now is the best time to improve your home security. Appledore Property News has put together a home security checklist on how you can protect your house.

Windows & Doors:

Home insurance premiums can be reduced by 5% if the correct security measures are put in place, so you should discuss this with your insurance company.

  1. All windows, no matter what level of floor they are on, need to be installed with at least one appropriate lock.
  2. If you have recently moved house, we advise to change your locks as anybody could have access to your property. Find out more.
  3. Purchase a door chain and a letter box restrictor to prevent people from opening your front door via the mail slot.
  4. Buy a door viewer as this allows you see who is at the door and can reduce the risk of distraction burglaries.
  5. An entry phone system is a great way to protect your home from any unwanted visitors.

Gates & Sheds:

  1. Secure garden gates with weatherproof padlocks so it can withstand during the harshest of weathers.
  2. Consider a stand-alone alarm in your shed or garage to prevent intruders from entering.
  3. Secure your shed and garage with a padlock. In addition, make sure there is no damage to the flat roof as this is another entry point for thieves to enter. If so, you can always install rubber roofing which is known as being one of the most durable flat roof materials on the market.
  4. Install automatic gates as this allows you to control who enters and exits your property and offers maximum protection. You can also purchase sliding gates.
  5. Protect individual valuables in outbuildings with cables which is great to prevent an assisted break-in.