With a growing number of Americans facing negative equity and becoming ever more pessimistic about the prospects of house prices recovering to make up that difference, they are surrendering to foreclosure even though they can still meet the repayments, according to reports. The trend is clear in recent ratesRead More →

House prices in London fell further than in any other part of Britain in 2015, figures from Hometrack reveal. London prices fell by 10.1 per cent on average, compared with an 8.7 per cent overall slump. Hometrack estimate that a further 12 per cent fall will come next year,Read More →

A report out from rightwing thinktank Centre for Policy Studies puts the banking crisis blame squarely on the shoulders of Gordon Brown. It argues that the reforms introduced by Mr Brown, including a 2.5 per cent inflation target, were deeply flawed and led to excessive and imprudent borrowing andRead More →

Half of all councils across England have axed jobs in the past few months, and seven in 10 expect further redundancies because of the recession. A survey by the Local Government Association found that councils in the south of England were most likely to have to cut back onRead More →

Buy-to-let landlords could trigger a house price crash as increasing numbers are selling their properties according to a report in the Observer. Fearful of higher interest rates and a fall in prices, landlords are starting to panic sell. For many landlords the rental yield is very low – 4Read More →

English councils are sitting on £250 billion of property assets, but only 20 per cent of council finance directors have all the information they need to manage their estates, according to an Audit Commission report published today.The report points to the uphill struggle that local authorities will face inRead More →