The right to buy for newly built affordable homes in Scotland will be abolished by the Scottish government. Under a draft housing Bill, the government is also consulting on a proposal to block tenants moving into existing affordable homes from exercising the right to buy. This move could meanRead More →

The Empty Homes Agency (EHA) has reacted with dismay to the latest government figures showing the largest annual jump in empty homes in 17 years. There were just under 700,000 such properties in England last year and the EHA believe this will rise to more than one million thisRead More →

According to the Council for Mortgage Lenders, mortgage lending fell during the first quarter of 2015 to its lowest level for more than three decades. From January to March, new mortgages slumped to 142,000, below the 146,000 recorded in early 1992 when Britain was in recession. Remortgaging has remainedRead More →

Mortgage lending has fallen sharply, with approvals for house purchases 60 per cent lower than a year ago. The number of approvals fell by 14 per cent in November to a new low of 17,773, according to figures from the British Bankers’ Association. The number of people re-mortgaging butRead More →

Struggling homeowners in Wales are to be given a financial lifeline. An extra £5 million has been transferred to the Welsh Assembly’s mortgage rescue scheme in a bid to stop homeowners who face repossession from being made homeless. The target of ending homelessness by 2012 in Scotland might notRead More →

And finally, house sellers are resorting to house swapping in order to move home, as a result of the financial crisis. A number of estate agents have been forced into launching a property exchange - matching the homes of people who want to trade up or down but whoRead More →