Recent figures from the Association of Residential Lettings Agents and National Landlord Association have found 65 per cent of estate agents experiencing an increase in the number of tenants struggling to pay their rent, and as many as one in three landlords have tenants in arrears. Read More →

A study into the effects of CCTV indicate that it has little significant impact on crime levels on housing estates, and in fact may increase offences by giving victims a ‘false sense of security’. The review found that the cameras had the best impact in cutting break-ins in carRead More →

Junior housing minister, Iain Wright, is attempting to speed up the house buying process by introducing new ‘good practice guidelines’ that state local authorities should aim to allow search companies to access information on property searches within one working day. Local authority searches are an integral component of homeRead More →

All local authorities in the UK have now signed up to the government’s mortgage rescue scheme, with as many as 300 households already qualifying for the support plan. Communities and Local Government says the impact of the £200 million scheme introduced in September 2015 to prevent as many asRead More →

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is putting forward new rules on lending and to prevent banks taking excessive risks. Chairman of the FSA Lord Turner wants banks to publish more and clearer information in their accounts about the risks they are taking, while a pan-European body has been proposedRead More →

Nationwide’s house price index is out today and according to their research, prices fell at their fastest monthly rate since 1995. The lender said that prices fell 0.8 per cent during November, bringing the annual rate of house price inflation down to 6.9 per cent. Their research also suggestedRead More →