WHAT IMPACT would the tax cuts proposed by the Conservatives’ Tax Reform Commission have on housing? George Osborne and David Cameron were careful to stress that they wouldn’t necessarily accept all the recommendations. It seems a reasonable assumption that tax cuts aimed at low earners financed by new green taxesRead More →

Meanwhile, Redrow has returned to work at building sites stalled by the credit crisis. In an interim statement the company said it was encouraged by sales activity since the start of the year and that the market had become more stable as developers reduced unsold stock, and although theRead More →

The importance of social housing’s ‘heartlanders’ and their activism has been revealed in a report that says the most prominent group of social housing tenants are highly active in their neighbourhoods and play a crucial role in bonding communities. David Eastgate, Hyde Group chief executive, said: ‘Heartlanders are theRead More →

Figures revealing an upturn in home sales have been interpreted as evidence of a housing market revival. The number of properties changing hands last month jumped nearly a fifth compared with the previous month. Buyers were tempted back to the market as the traditional summer sales bounce was heightenedRead More →

The Conservatives have unveiled a plan to tackle social housing waiting lists by bringing empty homes back into use. Tory leader David Cameron pledged to make it easier for social landlords to use empty properties to house homeless families. Plans include ‘partially’ suspending the design and quality standard requirementsRead More →

The gap between rich and poor in the UK has decreased ‘remarkably’ since 2000, a survey by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has found. However, while ‘the poor have been getting richer more rapidly than the rich’ the UK still had one of the highest levelsRead More →

Hundreds of out-of-work families who have been living in expensive homes at the taxpayers’ expense are facing eviction after changes to housing benefit announced yesterday. Alistair Darling said that from October next year the most expensive properties would be removed from the housing benefit calculation. Housing benefit, which canRead More →