Construction workers union Ucatt has urged the government to invest more money in housing after new figures show that almost 63,000 families in England are homeless. The union said it was a ‘damning indictment’ of 30 years of failed government policies on housing along with a belief held forRead More →

Banks have warned Gordon Brown that the £1 billion scheme to underwrite mortgage holidays for cash-strapped homeowners could result in a wave of lawsuits if house prices continue to fall. Homeowners will have to make higher payments once the holiday ends, or face negative equity, leading to fears thatRead More →

A new report has found that white working class people are losing out in areas from housing to health – and it is class rather than colour that makes discrimination more likely. The Runnymede Trust argues the current school system is skewed in favour of middle class children, workingRead More →

The Bank of England announced yesterday that it would provide £10 billion in emergency funds to the UK’s commercial banks in an attempt to prevent a worsening of the credit crunch over the Christmas period. Bank governor Mervyn King said current fragility meant further action might be needed inRead More →

THE NATIONAL HOMELESSNESS STRATEGY in Wales is helping to prevent homelessness but there is no room for complacency, a report by the Welsh auditor general said yesterday. The strategy was launched in in November 2005 following a surge in homelessness in the previous three years and has a clearRead More →

The government has admitted that it seriously underestimated the number of immigrants working in the country. Work and Pensions Secretary, Peter Hain, originally stated in parliament that 2.7 million jobs had been created under Labour, of which 800,000 had gone to people born overseas. He then revised this figureRead More →

Meanwhile, Northern Rock will be distributing £9 million in bonuses for staff as the bank has repaid part of its loan from the government on time. The 10 per cent bonus will apply to all 4,400 staff members, and is the first stage in an incentive scheme that couldRead More →