There is growing evidence and emerging consensus across the political spectrum that mutual ownership solutions not only work, but also should be actively encouraged by government, according to the Commission on Mutual and Co-operative Housing. Their recent report, ‘Bringing Democracy Home’, found that residents in co-operatives are more satisfiedRead More →

Gordon Brown was accused by the Conservatives last night of dragging Britain towards a ‘social catastrophe’ of benefit dependency. They called for an end to ‘doling out money’ to undeserving claimants and want a complete overhaul of the benefits system. Shadow welfare and pension secretary Theresa May said aRead More →

A scheme to help social tenants buy their homes is likely to fall far short of its target to fund nearly 2,000 purchases over the next three years. Only 62 complete sales through the Social HomeBuy scheme we made between April and September this year, although the government hasRead More →

According to the Government‘s own figures, released yesterday, house price inflation increased by 2 per cent during July, taking the annual figure to 12.4 per cent – the highest level since March 2005. The increase compares with other house price indexes reported in Roof recently, such as Halifax andRead More →