Inequality in Britain is worse than ever according to a new study into childhood. Millions of children face ‘multiple deprivation‘ in adulthood as a result of the circumstances of their birth, the report – Reducing Inequalities – found. Using data from a study which tracked the lives of 17,000Read More →

The Scottish law on homelessness that makes housing an enforceable right should be adopted across the UK, a United Nations’ report on social issues has said. The report said it is troubled by Britain’s ‘chronic shortage of housing, in particular social housing for the most disadvantaged and marginalised individuals,Read More →

High-earning families could be kicked out of their council homes in an effort to help needy people stuck on waiting lists. And tenants who own a second property also face eviction under plans being considered by ministers. The move comes after a report found 261,000 households benefit from cheapRead More →

Research has suggested that the tough policies designed to push asylum seekers out of the country by removing their support is simply forcing them to live on the streets, surviving on handouts. Last October, the Asylum Support Partnership counted almost 1,200 failed asylum seekers with no support or secureRead More →

The gap between rich and poor has failed to narrow despite the redistributive effect of taxes and benefits introduced by the Labour government, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics. A review of household incomes over the past 30 years revealed that the share of disposableRead More →

Low cost homes to be built in rural areas are the latest proposals from Gordon Brown to meet his target of three million extra homes. The scheme would be the biggest building programme in the countryside for a generation and would attempt to create thousands of affordable homes inRead More →