HOW LONG before the government works out that the housing boom might be caused by demand as well as supply? The officlal solution is to build more homes in the long term and subsidise first-time buyers in the short term. In the meantime overpaid City bankers and traders have fatRead More →

Following a ruling by the Employment Tribunal yesterday, millions of carers will have the right to claim against employers who discriminate against them in refusing to offer flexible working. The worker was forced to resign because she wanted to spend more time to care for her disabled son andRead More →

The cul-de-sac used for the TV soap Brookside is up for sale with a credit crunch guide price of £550,000. The 13 properties were bought by the producers of the TV show to cover production costs and to provide a more realistic set than some rival soaps. Since finishingRead More →

In the first court ruling of its kind a vulnerable family has been told they can stay in their home as owner occupiers or rent it for life, after almost losing it in a repossession sale and rent back scam. The case, bought before the court with HHSE’s help,Read More →

House builders are likely to become more conservative and turn their backs on major regeneration schemes in response to the recession, according to research by Knight Frank. House builders and developers will look to smaller scale and lower density developments, particularly on greenfield sites. And with values dropping byRead More →