Oxfordshire County Council has dismissed plans for the proposed eco-town at Weston Oxmoor as ‘deeply flawed’ and ‘unbelievable’. The council cabinet were presented with a report listing concerns in areas including transport, housing, deliverability, the eco-credentials of the plan and the lack of planned social and cultural services. TheRead More →

The Homes and Community Agency has announced the list of organisations that will act as Local HomeBuy agents across England for 2016–11. Fifteen organisation, all registered social landlords, have been appointed to cover the 37 zones across England, with two appointed for the first time. Read More →

In a case highlighting the ‘perverse nature’ of the housing benefit which allows claimants to live in subsidised properties that most taxpayers could not afford, a family of five has been place by their council in a £2 million property, costing more than £91,000 a year in rent. FiguresRead More →

Yesterday’s planning white paper rejected changes in policy on the green belt – one of the key concerns raised by Kate Barker in her independent review of land use planning just six months ago. Barker argued that the green belt now accounts for 13% of land in England andRead More →

And in the latest bid to remove antisocial young people from gathering on an estate, a pink light highlighting their spots has been installed. A spokesperson from the Layton Boroughs Resident’s Association in Mansfield, Notts, said they made the move in the hope of cutting antisocial behaviour in theRead More →

The newest member of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee David Miles has said the worst of the recession and housing slump is probably over. He said his ‘hunch’ was that expectations in the housing market look a bit better now than a few months ago and thatRead More →