Commenting in the Evening Standard, HHSE chief executive Adam Sampson warns that homes in London costing less than £100,000 could soon be a thing of the past. An increasingly detached underclass are the real victims of our dysfunctional housing market argues the author Mark Braund in today’s Guardian.Read More →

New research has highlighted that only half of households facing repossession orders actually attend their court hearings. There is also an indication that repossessions are not being considered the option of last resort by the courts. The research, undertaken by CIH’s consultancy arm, ConsultCIH, looked at hundreds of repossessionRead More →

A Belfast house builder has been accused of faking a queue outside an estate agent to drum up interest in the development. A PR agency sent out a press released entitled: ‘Worth the wait’ along with photos of people sleeping and waiting in a queue outside the agents. TheRead More →

The end of stamp duty relief at the start of the year has helped cause a substantial dip in mortgage lending during January, with just £8.02 billion lent during the month, the lowest level since March 2001. This compares with an average monthly amount of about £18 billion duringRead More →

The credit crunch is hitting home and décor magazines hard, as circulation for 19 out of 24 titles falling in the second half of 2015. Total circulation for the home interest sector was down 6.3 per cent in year on year figures, with one title BBC Good Homes downRead More →

Crisis, the charity for homeless people, is launching a campaign to resist unpopular plans by the government to ask housing benefit claimants to pay back up to £15 a week they are allowed to keep if they negotiate cheap housing deals. The Department for Work and PensionsRead More →

NEW GOVERNMENT RESEARCH has confirmed private renting’s status as the tenure of the noughties. Housing in England 2004/05 shows a rise of 20% in the number of households renting privately between 2000 and 2005 – from 2 million to 2.4 million. The number of households buying with a mortgage fellRead More →

The needs of vulnerable people will be protected in the Tenant Services Authority (TSA) regulatory framework. Speaking at the national sheltered and supported housing congress, head of the TSA Peter March said that coordination between tenant, landlords and their stakeholders is key to ensuring vulnerable tenants get the bestRead More →

An independent report has found that a government programme providing housing support to vulnerable and homeless people has resulted in ‘significant’ savings in the cost of other services. The report said the £1.6 billion invested through Supporting People has saved other services more than £3.4 billion through reduced costsRead More →