Immigration minister Phil Woolas has attacked lawyers and charities working on behalf of asylum seekers, accusing them of undermining the law and ‘playing the system’. Woolas described the legal professionals and NGO workers as ‘an industry’, and said most asylum seekers were not fleeing persecution but were economic migrants.Read More →

A zero carbon eco-house has been built based on design from the Middle Ages. The framework uses timbrel vaulting, a medieval technique from 14th century Spain, that creates a lightweight curved roof which retains heat. The roof has been covered with earth and plants, to maintain the inside temperature.Read More →

Housing associations who inherited council housing have been ‘highly successful’ in delivering improvements to tenants, new research by the Joseph Rowntree Association has found. More than one million tenants have switched from local authority to housing association tenancies during the 20 years stock transfers have taken place and theRead More →

GET READY to leave the country. Apparently, the government is planning a council tax revaluation. Shockingly, valuers will find out how much a home is really worth and tax it accordingly. According to the Mail on Sunday yesterday: ‘Ministers have purchased sophisticated ‘Big Brother’ computer systems which calculate the desirabilityRead More →

The number of new mortgages fell by 25.3 per cent in the 12 months to March in figures from the British Bankers’ Association. The figure is also down 6.8 per cent compared with February. A spokesperson from the BBA said that it was ‘unrealistic to expect the mortgage marketRead More →

A new British bill of rights was outlined in a Green Paper in parliament yesterday. It will enshrine entitlements to welfare, equal treatment, housing, children’s well-being and the NHS, according to justice minister Jack Straw. However, critics were divided about its likely impact in strengthening rights or if itRead More →

An increasing number of wealthier homeowners are seeking debt help as the rise in unemployment and falling property prices puts pressure on household budgets, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service said. Its research shows 12 per cent of clients had a net household income of more than £30,000 last yearRead More →