A report out today by the National Federation of Housing shows that the housing boom is showing no long-term sign of slowing down. The report states that come 2012, housing in London will have increased 40 per cent pushing the average cost of a house in London to almostRead More →

A report commissioned by the Howard League for Penal Reform has called for a reduction in the number of prisoners and the closing of some jails. The report said that prison and probation funding should be diverted to tackling the causes of crime, and suggested that short-term prison sentencesRead More →

Google is in talks with British estate agents to launch an online property portal, which experts say could pose a serious threat to existing property websites and local newspapers. The US internet search company launched a property portal in Australia last August through which estate agentsRead More →

Caroline Flint yesterday announced plans to increase the amount of information available for potential buyers in home information packs to speed up sales. The proposals include calls for a property information questionnaire, providing information on building work carried out on a property, and an increase in the amount ofRead More →

The Office of National Statistics has revealed the January inflation rate is at its lowest level since April 2015, down to 3 per cent, from 3.1 per cent in December. The drop follows record falls of 15.2 per cent in fuel prices. The retail price index, which includes mortgageRead More →

The long-term regeneration legacy of the 2012 Olympic Park in London has been called into question by the London Assembly’s economic development committee. In a progress report the committee concluded that without a ‘credible anchor tenant’ for the stadium, the creation of 10,000 new homes in the community, severalRead More →

A parliamentary report has concluded that houses will become unaffordable for millions of Britons as a higher influx of immigrants will mean higher house prices. According to the House of Lords economic affairs committee, if net immigration of 190,000 people per year continues over the next 20 years, itRead More →