The scale of the mortgage fraud committed during the housing boom has been shown in a report out by KPMG. In 2015, courts dealt with fraud cases worth £36 million, compared with £3.7 million in 2014. Easy credit, and the growth of self-certification mortgages contributed to the high levelRead More →

HIPs are back. On Wednesday 1 August, Home Information Packs for houses of four bedrooms or more will be (re)introduced. But the Conservative shadow secretary of state for communities and local government, Eric Pickles believes that HIPs could be used to surrepitiously raise council tax. The Tories believe thatRead More →

The lead story in the latest LPW magazine (out next week) has hit the headlines today with mentions on GMTV, Sky News and the Channel 4 website as well as the front page of the London Metro. More than one million people are using high-interest credit cards to coverRead More →

Five per cent of social housing properties in inner city areas could be unlawfully sub-let, with some people making more than £12,000 a year from it, an Audit Commission inquiry has found. Local authorities or housing associations can lose up to £75,000 on a property as a result ofRead More →

Three UK buildings have made it on to a list of the world’s 10 ugliest buildings. The most unattractive building in the UK is the Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool in fourth place on the list, followed by the Scottish parliament building in eighth place, and finally the centralRead More →

Prime minister Gordon Brown has defended Chancellor Alistair Darling over plans to nationalise Northern Rock. The move has infuriated shareholders and the two private bidders hoping to take over the stricken mortgage lender. Industry analysts expect a ‘significant shrinking’ of the bank’s sales force and high street presence whenRead More →