John Healey has revealed that the government plans to withdraw backing for the open market homebuy scheme, saying he wants to concentrate on new build home ownership schemes instead. The homebuy scheme has so far helped more than 14,000 people onto the property ladder and plans to close itRead More →

The US housing market has been rocked by a further crisis as its 10th largest home lender, American Home Mortgage (AHM) has filed for bankruptcy. Whilst a sub-prime lender, AHM specialises in mid-tier borrowers (‘Alt-A’ loans) which are thought to be a better credit risk. Analysts predict that theRead More →

New research has found that 15 per cent of amateur private landlords (those with four properties or less) have made a loss in the credit crunch, compared with 100 per cent of professional landlords (those with more than 20 properties) who made a profit. The professional landlords said theyRead More →

The Refugee Council has warned that child refugees will be wrongly denied education and given no more help than adult asylum seekers in the UK, under changes introduced by the government. The charity says its Home Office funding, to work with asylum seekers whose ages are in dispute, hadRead More →

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners could be in line to collect hefty refunds for unfair mortgage charges as lenders face being forced to hand back millions of pounds in fees imposed on customers who missed their monthly loan payments. One firm has been fined £2.8million and made to returnRead More →

Interest in house buying is starting to gain ‘real momentum’ according to UK surveyors, but sales remain low. Figures from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) found that new enquiries increased for the fifth consecutive month, however, surveyors will still selling fewer than 10 homes on average duringRead More →

This issue’s cover stories: Swede smell of success A Stockholm suburb is the model for Gordon Brown’s bew eco-towns. But willl he dare follow Sweden’s anti-speculation housing policy, asks Stephen Hill. Buy Freedom Themajority of us now have a stake in the nation’s wealth throughRead More →