The Bank of England announced yesterday that it would provide £10 billion in emergency funds to the UK’s commercial banks in an attempt to prevent a worsening of the credit crunch over the Christmas period. Bank governor Mervyn King said current fragility meant further action might be needed inRead More →

The Financial Times house price index for April shows stable house price inflation across the country (see interactive map). Legacy fever continues with the Times commenting that one of the intractable endowment’s of the Blair decade has been ‘the distortion of any normal or sustainable relation between houseRead More →

Housing associations could face higher loan repayments and reduced access to funds as a result of tougher banking rules, housing experts fear. The Financial Services Authority wants lenders to hold higher levels of capital and liquid assets in reserve, and this may push up interest payments across social housingRead More →

According to the Tenant Services Authority, housing associations are well placed to tackle long-term shortage in affordable housing. The TSA said that while not immune from the current economic downturn, the housing association sector continued to enjoy strong access to finance, with £5 billion of the £5.3 billion neededRead More →

The National Housing Federation (NHF) has called for a temporary ban on tenants buying social housing to help stop the slump in affordable housing stock. The NHF said that twice as many affordable homes had been sold off than had been built in England between 1999 and 2014, andRead More →

The National Housing and Planning Unit has waded into the credit crisis saying that even if house prices fall by 15 per cent in the next two years, first-time buyers will not find it easier to get on the property ladder. ‘With affordability stretched many potential buyers will beRead More →

Meanwhile, John Goodfellow, chair of the Building Societies Association, warned building societies were facing intense and unfair competition for deposits from the partly government-owned banks. He said the sector needed to put into place framework agreements such as that governing Northern Rock, which is unable to offer the topRead More →

IT MAY ONLY BE 20 HOUSES but the impact of a new housing scheme called Carran Crescent is likely to be felt across Northern Ireland. Opened yesterday by Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain, the development in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh is the province’s first mixed housing scheme, where Catholic and ProtestantRead More →