The government is proposing wide-ranging new powers to allow bailiffs to break into people’s homes and use ‘reasonable force’ against householders who try to protect their valuables. The government wants to crack down on people who evade debts, and under the new regulations, bailiffs working for private firms wouldRead More →

Grant Shapps, the shadow housing minister, says a Conservative government would promote home ownership – without returning to Thatcher-era council house sell-offs. Labour, he claims, is sidelining home ownership and re-emphasising the importance of social housing. ‘Labour has given up on aspiration in their rush to shore up theirRead More →

Speaking at the Labour party conference yesterday housing minister Caroline Flint admitted that the government’s target of building three million new homes may never be reached, but said government would encourage the development of the private rented sector as part of a range of measures to kickstart the housingRead More →

Planning applications to local councils have dropped by an average of almost 19 per cent, causing a drop in income averaging 16.3 per cent across England. The amounts ranged from a 50 per cent fall in income in Cambridge to a 27 per cent increase in Kerrier. Councils believeRead More →

The government unveiled its plans to get one million people off benefits and back to work yesterday. The plan, to ‘transform’ the lives of people currently on benefits, was launched by work and pensions minister James Purnell who said benefit claimants would have to play their part in theRead More →

The Tenant Services Authority has completed a study into tenant involvement in housing management and concluded that they want more involvement, but barriers mean this might not happen. The report found that there is a link between satisfaction and involvement in general, with tenants who have a good relationshipRead More →

Homeless charity, Crisis, has been investigating the experience single rough sleepers face when seeking help from local councils. Most were discouraged from filing in formal applications to register as homeless, and many were deterred from even seeing a housing officer. A spokesperson from the charity said that there wasRead More →

The London mayor says there is now a ‘clear vision’ for the use of London’s Olympic site after the 2012 games. As the plans were launched Tuesday by Boris Johnson, Tessa Jowell and Hazel Blears, Mr Johnson said plans for the long-term use of the London site will deliverRead More →

Gordon Brown announced yesterday that new guidance will be issued to judges in England and Wales in an attempt to ease the repossession rates. In the pre-action protocol plans for mortgage arrears, mortgage lenders will have to prove that they tried to help struggling homeowners before they can repossessRead More →