A Treasury report looking at ways of reviving the mortgage market and headed by Sir James Crosby, has been released today. The report warns there is no quick fix and predicts that the shortage of mortgage finance will continue throughout this year and into 2017. It suggests ways ofRead More →

Following a review of the private rented sector by the Scottish government Scottish tenants are considered marginally more happy with their landlords than tenants south of the border. It found 85 per cent of tenants were either very satisfied or fairly satisfied with their landlord and property, compared withRead More →

Profit warnings for UK listed companies were at a seven-year-high last year, and the situation for 2016 is likely to be as bad or worse, according to the accountancy group Ernst & Young. House building was one of the industries worst affected, with 60 per cent of listed firmsRead More →

A fifth of households are struggling or falling behind on their mortgage repayments, according to research by HHSE. In a survey of sub-prime borrowers, 5 per cent expect to be repossessed in the next six months, with more than 36 per cent saying they would be unable to meetRead More →

For the second successive quarter, UK homeowners are no longer cashing in on the equity in their homes. Bank of England figures show that householders put £5.7 billion of equity back into their homes rather than using the money for other major purchases or larger mortgages. This is anRead More →