Mortgage lenders have warned however, that the plan to offer struggling homeowners a holiday for up to two years from paying their interest repayments is unworkable and will result in new applications being turned down. In response to a consultation by Communities and Local Government over the plan, theRead More →

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a warning over the consequences of a prolonged global slump – unless governments act with greater urgency to jump start ailing economies, violent social unrest may occur around the world. Weak and uncertain government action to the crisis was causingRead More →

John Hills is presenting his report on the future of social housing at noon. More later. Among the previews in this morning’s papers, The Times reports that thousands of new tenants will be offered six-month tenancies. You can hear the Today programme item on Hills here. TheRead More →

House prices around the world fell for the first time in record during the last three months, falling an average of 0.3 per cent compared with the previous quarter. Britain was one of the worst performing of the 44 countries listed, recording falls of 4.6 per cent during theRead More →

TODAY’s PAPERS have some interesting takes on the report from the Conservatives’ Tax Reform Commission. According to The Telegraph the plan to scrap inheritance tax on primary residences would ‘pour petrol on the flames of the British love affair with bricks and mortar’. It says the plan would createRead More →

The Halifax house price index for March has shown the biggest monthly drop since September 1992. Prices are now only 1.1 per cent higher than a year ago. Analysts say that the weaker-than-expected figures from Halifax would raise expectations that the Bank of England would cut base interest ratesRead More →

AT THE SAME TIME as the government was relaunching its flagship scheme to help key workers on to the housing ladder (see yesterday), a leading specialist lender was releasing research that shows a major reason why they need it. Paragon Mortgages told the Daily Mail that booming house pricesRead More →