Eco-towns announced


The locations of four new eco-towns were announced yesterday – Rackheath, Norfolk; north west Bicester, Oxfordshire; Whitehall Bordon, east Hampshire; and China Clay near St Austell in Cornwall. Communities and Local Government said the government would provide �£60 million in funding to provide infrastructure to support the towns and a further �£5 million would be made available for councils to work on proposals for a ‘second wave’ of six more towns. Construction is not expected to start until 2019.

Companies in other towns are also helping to push their local town into what’s known as an ‘eco-town’.

Companies such as rubbish removal agencies are working their way across towns to offer environmentally friendly services.

For example, Rubbish Clearance Ltd works across Essex offering the best waste disposal services in towns such as Braintree, Southend and Colchester. See how you can get started.

They are approved by the environmental agency and aim to recycle 100% of all waste that is collected, where possible. Please call 0800 138 9100 to make an appointment.