Late-lunchtime news 17 May

England is one of the worst countries in the developed world in which to be a child, according to Sir Albert Aynsley-Green, the Children’s Commissioner.

There are rumblings that the Bank of England is primed to raise interest rates again to 5.75 per cent – as soon as next month. The bank admits that consumers have become more sensitive to changes in interest rates because of the high levels of personal debt.

Almost 2,000 people have registered an interest in buying one of Britain’s first BoKloks, flat pack housing pioneered by Ikea, before work begins in Gateshead.

The government’s fabled 60,000 homes will actually be sold for about £200,000 at a development in Milton Keynes.

Nationwide’s chief executive defends the building society’s reputation for responsible lending on the Today Programme following a report that lending was up 78 per cent this year from the previous year.

New police powers to ‘shut and seal’ premises – including flats – that generate anti-social behaviour have been attacked by HHSE for failing to tackle the root of the problem.

Speaking at the CBI Gordon Brown has confirmed that the planning white paper will be unveiled on Monday 21 May.