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Nationwide said its house price index rose by 1.1 per cent rise in June, taking the annual rate up to 11.1 per cent. That means that house prices are rising at their fastest rate – the equivalent of £50 a day – for more than two and a half years, drools the Mail.

It won’t last though warns Justin Modray, of Bestinvest independent financial advisers. ‘There are compelling reasons to suggest that the exceptionally strong ten-year bull run could be nearing its zenith,’ Modray says in the Times.

The paper also reports that Doncaster is the cheapest city to buy a property, followed by Middlesborough, Swansea and Liverpool.

The FT reports that the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee will vote for a rate rise next week.

Homeless Link is writing to every housing director in England to promote its Move On Plans Protocol (MOPP) toolkit. The kit is intented to provide housing authorities with a better understanding of move on need and encourage the creation of partnerships with the voluntary sector.

Homelessness prevention and gatekeeping were the themes of a conference held in Kensington London yesterday.

A rampant housing market and a lack of affordable and suitable housing were key factors in homelessness, a report by HHSE Cymru has found. New low-cost home ownership initiatives and funds to tackle homelessness prevention work were also urged in the inquiry, launched at HHSE Cymru’s annual conference in Swansea yesterday