Lunchtime news April 2

New research for the DCLG into loans for vulnerable home owners concludes there is room for expansion if more choices are developed.

Councils will be allowed to build and deliver their own housing under a plan to be put to the Labour party conference in the autumn, reports Inside Housing. The compromise plan follows conference defeats for the leadership on the fourth option.

The housing market is heading for a fall, according to research for the Telegraph that says homes are less affordable than at any time since the 1991 crash.

Also in the Telegraph, Roger Bootle analyses the difference between the US and UK markets and concludes a crash here is unlikely – so long as house prices keep rising. However, Bootle’s firm Capital Economics has predicted price falls before and been wrong.

Sunday’s Independent also analysed the chances of a US-style crash.

Financial advisors interviewed in Saturday’s Guardian are sceptical about the Nationwide’s 25-year fixed rate mortgage.

The DCLG has published new guidance [downloads PDF] for non-excellent authorities in England on supporting people and new grant conditions for 2014/08.

The Housing Corporation has published guidance on new legal powers for housing associations to tackle anti-social behaviour.