Lunchtime news Feb 14

  • The UNICEF report on child poverty that puts Britain bottom of a league table of industrialised nations dominates many of today’s papers. A gifthorse of a story for the Mail, while the Mirror highlights homelessness among children.
  • The ‘right to own’ [see yesterday] gets short shrift in the Times, which highlights the failure of social homebuy so far.
  • It got a cool response from the National Housing Federation, which said it must not be at the expense of new affordable homes, but was welcomed by the Chartered Institute of Housing as a ‘sensible way forward’.

  • In the Guardian, Lynsey Hanley says it just reinforces the idea that ‘full citizenship is conferred only through individual wealth’ and champions the rights of council tenants to ‘remain just that and to be respected as such’.
  • Genesis Housing Group said it would be launching a 10% ownership scheme at its Larden Road site in Hammersmith and Fulham in London.
  • The Financial Times says next week’s Hills report will highlight how social housing can reduce labour market flexibility and be a barrier to work. It reports Kelly’s speech alongside moves by work and pensions secretary John Hutton to give the private sector a bigger role in welfare to work.
  • The Mail reports that first-time buyers are paying £120 a month more than a year ago thanks to house price increases, rising interest rates and stamp duty.
  • Buy to let lending grew by 50% last year, according to the CML [for more on this see below].
  • HHSE Scotland has launched a campaign for an extra 30,000 affordable homes by 2012.