Lunchtime news July 12

LPW has confirmed with the CLG that the housing green paper announced last week by Gordon Brown has been postponed until 23rd or 24th July – a week later than expected.

Yvette Cooper has specifically promised more council homes, saying: ‘There are certain difficulties around the way that the housing revenue account works and the way that technical rules work and we are looking at greater flexibility for councils… [they] should be able to build council housing.’

Business comment in the Telegraph says delivering on these big promises is all about land and planning. (NB: the next edition of LPW magazine will concentrate on the land question. To subscribe go to

Simon Jenkins blames ‘stark raving’ housing lobbyists for promoting panic about housing. ‘There is no housing crisis. There is just a housing market. There is no housing “need”, unless you are sleeping in the street. There is just housing demand and housing supply.’

Sun readers comment on new house building. Many say the rate of immigration, rather than lack of housing, is the key issue.

Elsewhere,”>Help the Aged urged government to ensure new homes and neighbourhoods were geared towards our ageing population.