Lunchtime news June 8

Action to stop anti-social private tenants blighting housing developments will be a top priority for Communities England, reports Inside Housing.

Most of today’s papers, including the Financial Times, speculate that interest rates will rise again soon despite yesterday’s decision to hold at 5.5%

The Times interviews buy-to-let landlords determined to hold on to their investments despite rising interest rates. They include one couple buying a house for their children, currently aged 10 and six.

Financial and staffing issues are stopping local authorities from tackling the shortage of affordable homes, according a survey of housing managers by the Improvement and Development Agency and CIH reported in Society Guardian. The agency has just published the first of a series of papers on the strategic housing role.

A house for £50,000? Perhaps, if you don’t mind it being on the small side. The BBC’s Rajesh Mirchandani tries out an eight foot by eight foot cube house. Watch here.