Lunchtime news Tuesday 25th September 2014

July/August 2014

This issue’s cover stories:July /August issue of ROOF magazine

No way out

Age special: how young and old are caught in the housing trap

Born homeless

Eight care homes before I was sixteen, but I was lucky, says Phil Frampton

No brainer

Poor housing equals poor prospects for British kids, Ruth Rendell warns

Blue build

The Tories should make new housing a key election pledge, says William Rees-Mogg

Dreams deferred

Guest-editor Simone Fergus on how her ambitions to get on in life are on hold, because she’s caught in the benefits trap


A film about families being thrown out of their homes won a BAFTA this year. But what happened next?

On the treadmill

Young professionals face a lifetime of bonded labour, says Dr John Bone

Special focus: housing in an ageing society

Why this should be a government priority

So solid Crew

The latest on Debbie Crew’s campaign to stop landlords evicting tenants who complain

Rule and divide

Government should stop promoting split families, says Patricia Morgan

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